The unique design provides superior vibration suppression

ALL Arrowhead Rockdrill ACP plate compactors / drivers employ a unique ‘V Profile’ design, delivering superior vibration suppression by the use of oversized in-line dampening mounts.

Manufactured from the highest quality steels, US & European made bearings and robust US built oversized hydraulic motors, ACP compactors are designed to provide a long service life with minimal maintenance.

By incorporating Oil Splash Technology the bearings are auto-lubricated to prevent downtime while maximising productivity, as there is no greasing required.

The simplicity, quality and reliability of ARROWHEAD ROCKDRILL ACP plate compactors ensure maximum return on investment and jobsite efficiency giving you that essential competitive edge.

ARROWHEAD ROCKDRILL, a world leader in Construction Attachment technology and innovation offer a full line of Vibratory Plate Compactors.

    ACP200 Compaction Plate ACP350 Compaction Plate ACP550 Compaction Plate ACP550 Compaction Plate
Specification unit ACP 200 ACP 350 ACP 550 ACP 1600
Impulse force Kgf 909 1591 2500 7500
Frequency (at max flow) rpm 2100 2100 2100 2000
Operating weight Kg 135 230 400 780
Base plate size mm 200x510 290x660 445x760 710x810
Oil requirements lpm (Opt 1) 35-45 38-46 90-100 90-100
lpm (Opt 2) 50-65 50-65
Working pressure bar 103 103 103 103
Carrier weight tonnes 1-3 2.5-5 5-9 8-16
Hydraulic Hammers

Primary uses of the ACP Range

  • Backfill trench compaction
  • Sheet, post and pile driving
  • Soil compaction